CloudLift for Councils: Plan Ahead for Cloud Computing Success

SaaS tools for Councils finance, property and rating systems like TechOne Cloud and Civica can tie up IT budgets in multimillion-dollar implementations.

So what happens when you’ve got to deliver additional functionality beyond their native capabilities — and you don’t have the available funds needed?

The Gaps Your Council May Need to Fill

Systems like TechOne and Civica do a great job managing Councils’ core functions. But what about the delivery of department specific solutions?

TechOne and Civia don’t usually provide the following services without third-party integrations — all of which may come at an additional cost to you.


Facility & Event Booking


File & Print Servers


Working from Home


Backups & Disaster Recovery (DR)


Sewer Line & Water Pipe Inspection Video Storage


Body Cam Footage Storage


Library System Applications




Financial & Records Management**

**Depending on the ERP you’ve chosen, you may have these systems covered.

Microsoft Azure Can Help… And Codify’s CloudLift Program Can Get You There

Unlike core SaaS solutions, the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform is highly flexible and integrates easily with systems you may already be using. And because costs are billed on a consumption basis, you won’t overburden your budget unnecessarily with upfront investments.

But getting to the cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible requires proper planning. That’s where CloudLift comes in.

The CloudLift assessment tool and associated methodology is based on Codify’s unique IP, and results in an evidence-based, fully costed plan for moving to the cloud. Each CloudLift assessment encompasses:


Discovery Stage

We’ll deep-dive into your Council’s existing environment to develop an Application Portfolio from your existing servers.


Solution Planning

After assessing your current environment, we’ll plan an ideal cloud migration path based on the ‘6Rs’ and your Council’s target future state.


Cost Estimation

Your target state design leads to a commercial plan for Azure, including estimates for migration and consumption costs.


Migration Roadmap

Finally, we deliver a high-level migration roadmap showing your Council what will be needed to achieve your target state in Azure.

By defining a cloud migration strategy for every application in your Council’s environment, Codify’s CloudLift assessment enables more granular planning for multiple Azure end-states. As a result, this migration methodology enables more strategic decision-making on the future state of the applications your Council intends to use in the cloud.

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“Instead of having to read a PDF or look at a spreadsheet and try to understand how that fits to actually running services on-the-ground, Codify’s tool showed all the services we deliver with a view to the applications we had and were delivering to our customers — and how they might be delivered on an Azure product. The transparency was amazing.”

Nathan Rogers, Former Manager of IST, Scenic Rim Regional Council

Is CloudLift Right for My Council?

CloudLift is a great choice if you’re struggling with the limitations of ERP SaaS tools like TechOne or Civica, facing the end of your hardware’s useful life, coming to the end of a restrictive, multi-year hosting contract, looking to modernise your operations, or simply seeking to be more visionary about your applications and solutions.

Even better, as members of Microsoft’s Solution Assessments & Azure Accelerate Program, Codify may be able to access funding programs that can offset some or all of the cost of your CloudLift assessment.

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Why Listen to Us?

At Codify, we’re so serious about Azure that we don’t even know how to spell AWS. Our deep relationship with Microsoft as one of Australia’s leading Tier 1/Direct Cloud Services Providers gives us the specialised insight and knowledge we put to work for our financial services clients.