You Made It To The Cloud… 
So Why Is It More Expensive (And More Complicated) Than You Ever Imagined?

Cloud migration is only one piece of the puzzle.

Once your financial services business gets to the cloud, proper optimisation keeps your costs low and your data secure.

Learn how to optimise your cloud environment with Codify’s free guide:

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Why Optimise Your Cloud Environment?

Cloud computing isn’t ‘set it and forget it’ – especially where financial services businesses and your complex regulatory requirements are concerned. 

If your cloud environment is unoptimised, you're risking:


Wasted Cloud Spend

Don’t pay for resources you don’t need.


Untapped Opportunities

Leverage new technology advances.


Data Security Concerns 

An optimised cloud is a secure cloud.

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Use the Guide to discover:

  • How to assign cloud computing costs for each application in your IT environment so you can better understand your spending.

  • How to review your deployment for better options, such as moving from Azure Service Manager (ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) or from IaaS to PaaS, so you can leverage the latest technology.

  • Codify’s best tips for analysing and right-sizing your Microsoft Azure cloud services so you aren't paying for more than you should be.

  • What to look for when evaluating Microsoft discount offers so you know you're getting the best possible deal.


Why Listen to Us?

At Codify, we’re so serious about Azure that we don’t even know how to spell AWS. 

We've been around since 1996 and have focused on Azure exclusively since 2015. Our deep relationship with Microsoft as one of Australia’s leading Tier 1/Direct Cloud Services Providers lets our financial services clients benefit from our specialised insight and knowledge.


Our Leadership


David Connors

Managing Director, Codify

David founded Codify in 1996 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. He leads Codify’s work as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and sets the company’s strategic direction to ensure the right systems and processes are in place to meet customers’ needs. David is committed to delivering operational excellence for all of Codify’s customers and appreciates the way well-architected software pays off in efficient operational run states.


Ben Parker

Director, Codify

Ben brings an infrastructure focus to his work leading Codify’s Plan and Migrate pillars. He has worked with Microsoft technologies since 2004, though he’s a lifelong IT hobbyist who got his start programming games from a book onto an Apple 2e. Ben’s experience working with customers and running a business gives him an empathetic perspective to the business challenges organisations’ face and enables him to instinctively identify their most appropriate paths to success.

Uncontrolled workloads or unexpected bill shock have you regretting your move to the cloud? Take charge of your Azure environment with critical steps to cloud optimisation.

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